Highlighter AG Jeans: Purple and Peplum

Just before the humidity became overwhelming in New York this month, Blog Reader, I took these highlighter purple Stilt jeans from Adriano Goldschmied out for a spin around the East Village.

Photos: Lydia Hudgens.

Back in January at the Texworld USA apparel fabrics show in NYC, several of the trend-focussed seminars talked about the rise of coloured and printed denim and related jeanswear fabrics.  This shows no sign of stopping into fall but darker colours (crimson reds, sea greens) are back on the menu, along with leather (who wants to buy me these?) and metallic (for example here.).  I almost rolled my eyes into the back of my head, Blog Reader, when pastel and neon coloured trousers became popular*, but having spent a week in Austin where the colours are bright and the sun is always shining, I can appreciate the need for lighter denim.

I’m quite a fan of the Stilt variety of jeans by AG Jeans – they have a nice soft feel and stretch to them and they come in a range of fabrics, including ikat and tie dye print. The highlighter purple colour goes perfectly with my bargain Marni heels from Moss Austin which I bought last year.

A platform shoe might feel a little unbalanced with the skinny jeans I guess, but the shape  of the heel is so uniquely Marni I quite like showing it off regardless 🙂 Paired with a simple peplum top from H&M I was brunch-ready this day.

Wearing: Marni heels from Moss Austin; The Stilt jean from AG Jeans; peplum top from H&M, leather bracelet, Bordelle.

Have a wonderful weekend, Blog Reader! This Sunday I’m shooting photos of my new Atsuko Kudo latex skirt for the blog, along with some of the dreamy summer designs from Alice Yim. Next week I have an update for you on Urban Outfitters denim styles for fall and on Friday a look at the new collection from Lascivious, a brand I adore, who launch their new lingerie collection on Monday. Do pop back next week!

*A skill I am becoming adept at as Brit in NYC but I don’t think the Americans like me for it 🙂

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47 Responses to Highlighter AG Jeans: Purple and Peplum

  1. natasha says:

    Love the peplum blouse on you!
    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  2. rosalovesdc says:

    Those Marni heels are amazing! And honestly, now that I see you wearing that top, I regret putting it back on the rack last weekend. I believe I tried on the same one and I wasn’t sure what to wear it with but I have plenty os skinny jeans and I think it would have been perfect to pair with them, just like you have in your outfit here. Very wonderful pairing.

  3. Diana @ FashionAsLiterature says:

    Lavender jeans are such a fashion risk, but you styled them so perfectly! I love the white peplum blouse; it adds romance to those whimsical heels. Was it a recent purchase? If so, I have to get myself to H&M immediately.

    • Fashion Risk was my exact thoughts on seeing this pair Diana! It’s a little difficult for me as I have a lot of black and black and lavender doesn’t seem to work together (on me at least). Enjoying the style challenge mind you! x

  4. Bell'Dora says:

    Oh, i love East Village. My daughter lives there! I love the shoes, but please tell me you didn’t walk very far around the village in those heels. That pavement can be so cruel! Love the peplum look too.

  5. Agree that is a great top and the jeans are a gorgeous colour.

  6. olga says:

    You look beautiful! I ALSO bought the same peplum top in H&M, couldn’t resist, so feminine!

  7. stylemefab says:

    a peplum top is the last major must have in my closet. I am still looking for the perfect and I absolutely love the way you did you color combination between the top and jeans. Love the shoes too….FAB!!

    • Hello you 🙂 I found a lovely version of the white peplum top in Anthropologie, but also I feel that there are some peplum styles for Fall that will be amazing. I think Zara have one with a leather peplum skirt, Ah-mazing.

  8. laniersmith says:

    There you are in another peplum and you know what. You are working it to a tee. Looks great!

  9. You are one of those women who was just MADE for peplum…you are a match made in fashion heaven. Looks beautiful on you- Loving the feminine color denim too! Always a slamdunk. Hope all is well. C

  10. Lauren Loves says:

    Such a lovely outfit! xxx

  11. gracefully50 says:

    Beautiful! I have an exact same AG jeans in lavender and I love it, too!
    It looks so much better on you!! 🙂

    • Hi Grace – it is definitely time for me to pop back over to your blog and see how you are styling it. I’ve been so busy these past two weeks I am really behind on reading all my inspirations. I’ll visit soon – thank you for your comment, I bet your look is stunning, I’ve seen you in many outfits I would also love to wear x

  12. looking gorgeous girl! your legs look a mile long! i am so jealous you found that peplum top at h&m…every time i go, i look for one of the white peplums i keep seeing and nothing! and those shoes are to die for!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

    • Hi Jenn – I had to do a bit of digging for this in H&M but in the end it was a great find. I’ll stop by your blog soon I’m having a crazy two weeks and so behind in reading my favourites. Look forward to seeing your new features x

  13. Cee says:

    It’s not surprising that I had about the same reaction as to you pastel denim… And the floral printed denim… But in the summer heat, the lighter shades do seem as practical as they are trendy, I have to admit. The true secret, though, I think, is in how they are worn. These mauve jeans are lovely, but particularly because you’ve allowed them to be the focus of the ensemble by pairing them with a simple (but hardly basic) white top and darker (albeit seriously statement-making) heels. Of course, with your mile long legs, I can’t imagine a shade of denim you wouldn’t pull off beautifully 😉

    • Hi Cee, I agree that the secret it in the wearing. I imagine this would be my motto for most things, although some pieces I just know would never work on me! I’m glad you liked the Marni’s too 🙂

  14. The peplum gives this such a fresh twist. Yet another great outfit from StyleontheCouch 🙂 x

  15. I do not think I saw you in jeans since I began following your blog, and it suits you perfectly.
    I think you look very delicate and feminine in jeans. I love the peplum top… Why Mango does not bring the same line to Israel is a mystery to me!

    • That’s a very good point that I’m not often in jeans! I do have a few Gap skinnies that I wear on a regular basis mind you. Blue and red. I also just bought some high waisted jeans from Urban Outfitters that are amazing, great style with the waistline. Do Mango only do select lines in Israel then? Can you shop online? x

  16. CinZilicious says:

    I love the peplum top and colored jeans! I couldnt help but laugh when i read that you almost rolled your eyes into the back of your head when you heard about the pastel and neon trousers! sounds soo funny! But you look great in these light purple skinny jeans. Surprisingly they look good with your chunky Marni heels too=)

    Cant wait to see the pics of your next shoot with the latex skirt!!!


  17. those jeans look fabulous..and the color.. love the way the flatter the bottom.. always the most important, right! 😉

  18. As I scrolled the page things only got more exciting. I LOVE THE MARNI HEELS ON YOU. When I see them on their own I cannot always imagine them on someone but you totally wear them well.

    I like that the jeans are an unusual colour I am tired of brights (not something I personally indulge in). The light colour really suits you. Much like you I am a traditionalist when it comes to denim it’s either dark blue, or black but I am slowly opening my eyes to different colours.

    I really like the peplum top on you – as a whole this outfit really works!

    Now come back to England it’s missing you!!



    • Such a lovely comment L – miss you! Pleased you like the Marni heels! This weekend I was with a friend who wore these light colours Gucci pants so well. I’m not usually a fan of lighter trousers but I am coming around to the idea, if you can get the style right that is. I’ll have to plan a UK visit soon L – watch this space, we’ll do champagne again for sure!

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  20. These jeans and shoes look absolutely exquisite on you!

  21. I need some light purple pants like these! I have red, yellow, blue, and mint but not this color 🙂 wow the shoes are amazing! Look at that heel 😀

    • Ari how do you style the mint jeans? I’d love to hear…

      • Hi Sara! Sorry for the late reply I was caught up with some work. I have worn white and a nude color shirt with it. I was thinking of taking a picture and posting it on my blog 🙂 I hope this weekend I can do it! I got my mint jeans from H&M a few months back. I love mint colors I want to get a mint shirt. I was thinking of stopping by Nordstrom after work to see what they have. My friend recently started working there a month ago so I want to stop by and ask her what new clothes came in this week 🙂 I can’t wait!

  22. femmemcgee says:

    I LOVE AG jeans. No other jeans fit me as well, are as cute or are as comfortable.

  23. Meenakshi says:

    I love the drapey effect of your peplum top, and I think pastel jeans must be in everyone’s wardrobe this season 🙂

  24. kdshort says:

    love those shoes! and they actually look like they could be quite comfortable with the platform 🙂

    • They are comfortable to wear but the chunky heel makes them loud to walk in. I love the unique shape – I have a few dresses that work perfectly with them too. Thanks for stopping by! xx

  25. mpchouchou says:

    Look at you and all this color! It’s so nice to see a change in denim with your trip to warmer locales. You have stayed true to your style roots with the simple separates but the colored denim and those heels, to die for!

  26. Dempeaux says:

    Oh I do love a peplum. So flattering! I haven’t made the foray into coloured jeans yet, but I think they look great on you 🙂

    • Thank you Sarah! I feel I am missing out on hearing the news from Aus and how you are these days – if you get this drop me an email sometime, would love to catch up properly.

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