Summer Dressing: Arden B. Maxi, Freddie & Cinnamon Bracelet and Lancelot Knight Leather Barrel Bag

This outfit post pretty much sums up all my current obsessions; the things I have been wearing to death this summer.  This Arden B maxi dress is such a pretty style… for starters it seems to make me look 5ft 10 tall (ten points below if anyone knows about optical illusions and can tell me why – is it the way the stripes sit?!) and the back detail with little cascading frills is super cute.

Photos: Lydia Hudgens.

When it comes to handbags, my favourites are classic, structured forms.  My biscuit coloured barrel bag gave up the ghost recently so I was incredibly happy when the lovely folks at Lancelot Knight contacted me about their collection of barrel shapes in pastel and neon shades.  They gifted me this leather baby pink Avon Barrel bag which is a perfect match for my lighter summer outfits.  It also has a longer shoulder strap, detachable and adjustable (not seen here).

I think one of the reasons I love this bag so much is a question of size as well as shape.  I need to fit my life in a bag and whilst my ‘summer life’ is considerably lighter on ‘stuff’ than my winter life – this fits my diary, iPhone and retro headphones, make-up for touching up, wallet / keys, camera and umbrella (yes I carry one everywhere I am well and truly English in this respect) whilst still looking that little bit on the dainty side….

I’m still working on my accessories too, Blog Reader. I came across the delightful contemporary jewelry brand Freddie & Cinnamon not long ago and their styles appealed to me because they are classic pieces at great value.  I’ll be featuring their collection on the blog very soon along with a Q&A with their founder / designer.  Here I am wearing their Chain Gold Plated Bracelet, a delicate and graceful strand of interconnected circles, on my wrist.  It’s one of those pieces I’ve worn over and over.

A summer outfit for a summer’s day, Blog Reader. Hope you are well, I’m currently taking a break back in England and enjoying being in the countryside for a while.  You can see some of my pictures on instagram: @StyleOnTheCouch. Have a lovely weekend, StyleOnTheCouch xo

Wearing: Maxi dress, Arden B.  Chain gold plated bracelet, Freddie & Cinnamon.  Avon Barrel bag, Lancelot Knight. Sandals (just seen), Nine West.
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20 Responses to Summer Dressing: Arden B. Maxi, Freddie & Cinnamon Bracelet and Lancelot Knight Leather Barrel Bag

  1. gracefully50 says:

    So pretty! Love the back of the dress, so flirty!
    What a gorgeous bag!

  2. reddolls says:

    Beautiful photos! Gorgeous dress, check! Spunky chicky, check! Lovely natural light, check! Winning post, check, check, check! 🙂

  3. Fantastic dress! I love how it frames your body perfectly! The colors are soft, playful, and fun!

  4. I love colorblocking! Great dress!

  5. You know what, Sarah? It’s so amazing to see how you interpreted F&C’s pieces! I have been seeing other bloggers rock them and it just proves what a neat brand they are as they don’t take away from fashion personality, just add to it. If that made sense?

    Coming back to your outfit – colours look so fresh and easy on you. This dress is just very Esmeralda 😉 Enjoy London!


    • When I looked at the Freddie & Cinnamon website I was hugely impressed with their range of styles. I particularly liked the more classic looking, simple pieces which I could see working with many of my dresses. I loved how you styled their earrings (made me wish I had pierced ears!) Edita. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. kristina says:

    Ah! That striped maxi dress is gorgeous!! {I love the open back} And that pretty pinkish bag goes so great with it, LOVE your look here – And what a cute name “Freddie and Cinnamon?” Xoxo

  7. Cee says:

    What a lovely summer ensemble! I wish I could find a maxi that would make me look 5’10”, although I suppose there is probably only so much work that any dress can do in the optical illusion department 😉 It really does work wonders on you, though, but I must admit that to me you always look very tall. As does almost everyone…! It made me smile to see Freddie & Cinnamon featured in this post, as well. Definitely one of my favourite new accessory lines. I have a pair of their earrings that I’ve been wearing practically every other day!

    • I neglected to say, Cee, that these Nine West cork sandals are probably about 4 or 5 inches tall. It could be a combination of shoes and dress! Thanks for your comment, how are the last minute preparations for Paris going?

  8. Hi! Wow yellow looks great in any summer outfit 🙂 what a beautiful dress! I am actually wearing a yellow dress today to work hehe 🙂

  9. mpchouchou says:

    Yup, you nailed it with relaxed summer outfit here. My go to is always the maxi- keep it chic and cool when it is humid. I love that you always carry an umbrella, haha. I do always keep one in the car but need that precious purse space for other items.

  10. Natalie says:

    LOVE LOVE this dress and how gorgeous you look in it (like always)!!!! I am organizing my closet (after my move from NY to Boston) and found an embarrassing amount of maxi’s… They are great to work in the home office, errands, brunch and the list can go on and on!

  11. olga says:

    Lovely dress, so feminine, especially on you.

  12. cinnaspring says:

    Apparently horizontal stripes do not flatter the body!! It seems that what we’ve been taught all along is wrong – lots of clauses to accompany! It must be the loose and airy look to the dress and that it has wide blocks of colour that makes the dress not fit in the stereotype of horizontal stripes… I’ve always wanted to get a maxi dress with a cascading frill over the chest but never found one! Now I have 😀 Love the barrel bag, pastel is such a cute colour on bags! Also, have fun back home in the UK! I’m now back home in Borneo 🙂

  13. dempeaux says:

    I want this dress so much!! LOVE the colours and cut. Ideal for spring and summer!!

  14. Layla says:

    I love this dress and these photos, the bag is stunning too!

  15. aideebrooke says:


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