Let’s Get Physical: MICHI Fall Collection 2012

I find it difficult to keep fit whilst I am traveling, Blog Reader, so back in England this weekend I turned to the outdoor-gym-of-Lincolnshire. I took a little run around the villages close to where I grew up, dressing in my favourite work out gear, MICHI.  Designer Michelle Watson just released her fall collection for 2012 and as usual I am in love with all of it.

Watson took inspiration from the mysterious underwater world: the unstoppable forces of the deep ocean meeting with serene and natural beauty.  Michelle explained, “Sinuous mesh insertions in contrasting fabrics and textures mirror the undulating oceanic waves and blend with sensual boudoir overtones to flatter the female form and create length.”

I am excited about the new layering pieces in the fall collection.  Long sleeved tops, sweatshirts and tank tops can be worn with the statement bras and leggings both in the gym and on the street.  New colours have also been introduced, including mustard and crimson.

I asked Michelle about her favourites from the new range:

1) The Medusa Leggings in black soft stretch denim because of the sinuous mesh inserts and mixed material mesh. They lengthen, flatter any body shape and are subtly sexy. Great for the gym and even better to dress up for the evening.
2) The Medusa Bra, which has a very clean front with small flattering details such as the center front cut-out triangle. The back is designed to be exposed by layering with a low back or sheer shirt. This bra creates a beautiful silhouette under a sheer or backless top.
3) The Abyss Top is an easy long sleeve layering top made with a buttery, super-soft Italian cotton fabric. The waist, back and shoulder mesh inserts are very flattering and slimming. They give the illusion of a nipped in waist and dress up any work-out outfit.
4) The new french terry sweatsuits (Aurora Sweatshirt, Jacket and Hoodie, and Frontier Sweatpant): MICHI now offers a sweatshirt, sweatpant, hoodie and varsity jacket. They’re perfect to wear to and from the gym, whilst travelling, for lounging and leisure and when you want to feel warm and comfortable but still want to feel polished and put together.
5) The Pipeline Legging is for the customer that wants minimal skin exposed but still wants a chic boudoir look, with an ‘X’ lattice down the side of the leg. A very durable and functional legging for the gym, but very easy to dress up for the evening.

Time to let me hear your body talk*, Blog Reader.

To view the entire Lookbook for MICHI Fall 2012 click here.

*Thank you, Olivia Newton John.
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21 Responses to Let’s Get Physical: MICHI Fall Collection 2012

  1. Oooh, these are simply lovely! I really want it all. There is such a Lululemon domination here, I love seeing new exercise gear that is so beautiful. Definitely going on my wishlist. Thanks for introducing me to a new brand!

    • I wear this MICHI collection all the time for my gym and pilates. I also think the quality of the fabrics and design is great because it goes through a zillion washes and still seems to look as good as new. If you should buy anything let me know!

  2. mpchouchou says:

    Olivia Newton John lovefest!! Haha, how could you resist the title? I confess, I have a hard time showing skin when I workout (it’s really shunned around here, unless you go to an all women’s gym, seems silly), but those sheer panel leggings would be great for a night on the town!

    • Lani is that true? Because I hate being all hot and sweaty in the gym so I’d rather wear less than cover up with more! I do wear the MICHI bras at other times too, they look great with a slightly sheer tee (when I don’t want an ‘actual’ bra to show through)

  3. Love! Especially the bralets.

  4. These pieces are beyond stunning. Forget the oh so typical lululemon leggings, MICHI makes working out seem like a terribly good idea and makes me want to chuck my standard spandex!

  5. cloudoflace says:

    Love them all! So glad to have discovered this brand, thank you! 🙂


  6. kristina says:

    SUCH a great collection, I love 2 + 4!! Xoxo, K

  7. Cee says:

    I tend to workout in fits and spurts, apart from a few daily exercises that are part of my routine… And those fits and spurts of increased activity tend to coincide with with the purchase of new workout wear. Michi is new to me, and I have to say that I love the way that it looks functional and yet not like workout wear – you truly could dress the pieces up if you wanted to! I can just picture you gallivanting across the countryside in those mesh leggings 🙂

  8. Betty says:

    Are those Nike’s that the models are wearing?

  9. LadyLUX says:

    I’m loving this campaign right now, especially since sportswear has been so hot this year. Great leggings in this collection

  10. walkinrunout says:

    wauw – allmost to fancy to workout in… I need to have some of that work out gear!

  11. spiraledhalo says:

    haha I usually work out in old t-shirts but I loved those clothes especially the sheer leggings

  12. These outfits are so gorgeous! I think I would work harder in these, would certainly make me feel the part!

    Not sure my love for food will help me look as good though… 🙂


  13. dempeaux says:

    Love this!! An outfit like this would definitely make me feel like working out 😀

  14. aideebrooke says:

    Cute! Love it!

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