New York Fashion Week Series: 2. DKNY

I think it is fair to say that when spring comes around, Blog Reader, you will find me first in line to buy the new summer 2013 collection by DKNY. I will then wear it endlessly, such do I feel that these sleek sportswear inspired looks, silky skirts and dresses and bodysuits were made for me.

Known for her chic and largely monochrome styles, Donna Karen injected an energetic splash of colour this season with neon yellow – a likely homage to the New York taxi cabs that have featured on the DKNY runways and famous adverts in the past.

Add visors, caps with leather brims, cutaway shoulders and mesh panelling and that’s a lot of sports luxe. Yet this influence didn’t distract from DKNY’s sharp and classic black and white tailoring.  One of my favorite looks was a crisp white silk suit with a structured blazer and slightly sheer shirt underneath.

Always one for a dress which flows – the image below shows another of my favourite styles.  It’s a perfect example of the understated glamour that DKNY does so well.

What do you think of the collection, Blog Reader? I’m back in NYC at the end of next week – there’s naturally a lot of inspiration here for my trip and I’m excited to return to Manhattan to visit.  Thank you, DKNY, for creating a collection that so matches my own aesthetic 🙂

Images: Vogue.
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24 Responses to New York Fashion Week Series: 2. DKNY

  1. I can see why you like them. They are right up your alley! I love the neon yellow color… so bold and refreshing. Great tailoring for such blousy dresses too.

  2. Cee says:

    The DKNY collection is one that feels truly wearable to me – particularly that stunning black and brown leather dress! Whereas I always appreciate the creative process that goes into runway design, I don’t – as I’m sure I’ve often said – always find the pieces to apply particularly to the life that I live. However, Donna Karan time and time again comes up with pieces that make me think, “Yes! I could wear that to [insert everyday activity here].”

    • Cee I can very much see you in Paris in that leather dress, being snapped at Les Tuileries! I like the wearable nature of these designs – I imagine that my packing for NYC next week will have this collection in mind.

  3. The construction and flow of that yellow dress is spectacular!
    Just don’t think I can pull of the colour.

    • Hi Laura – what makes you think you can’t wear the yellow? I used to be of the opinion that I couldn’t wear orange but I changed my mind after finding the right shade for my skin and a little change in my make-up…

      • I’m more thinking that particular yellow is SO Bright that I wouldn’t have the courage to wear such an attention getting colour! But then if it were orange I probably would, which makes no sense at all! 🙂

  4. Love this – that yellow maxi is gorgeous! Spring wish list ! (high street !)

  5. DKNY was one of my personal favorites too!

  6. Sarah says:

    It’s hard to go passed that yellow dress! Amazing.

    Sarah x

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  8. I advised my readers to find a fashionista blogger they like to help them surf the “Runwaves” of Fashion week, which can be daunting. Tag you’re it! I’ve featured you on my “What I’m Reading Wednesdays” post. Donna Karen Rules! xoxoxo Princess Diane Von B

  9. fetebar says:

    this line is amazing! I’ve always been fond of Donna Karen for her monochromatic looks and elegance. tres chic.

  10. I’m in love with this model’s hair!

  11. DKNY is always very ready-to-wear, to be brutally honest. Very simple cuts and made-for-women-who-are-glam-and-practical aesthetic.


  12. walkinrunout says:

    oh my gosh – that yellow one – on the first pic is awesome….

  13. minimalistchicc says:

    I’m in love with the high slits and simplicity in colors! These trends are both elegant and effortlessly classy. I will be incorporating these trends into my fall season looks. ♥

  14. minimalistchicc says:

    Reblogged this on MinimalistChicc and commented:
    Minimal color. High slits. Need I say more. ♥

  15. F.E. says:

    LOVE them all. Perfectly match my style as well.

  16. The four looks that you pulled from the DKNY collection was great, but I have to say the yellow dress took the cake.

  17. aideebrooke says:


  18. My gosh! That yellow dress is stunning!!!

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