Friday Lingerie Lust: Maison Close

I first read about lingerie brand Maison Close on some of my favourite blogs before I stumbled across their designs in that little gem of a lingerie boutique ‘Azaleas‘ in the East Village, NYC.  I’ve featured them before as a Friday Lingerie post and with four new collections ready to tantalize and seduce, it’s time to feature them again.

If you are looking for lingerie that is well priced, comfortable and enormously sensual, Maison Close is perfect for you.  The brand is committed to the game of love: erotic, chic and refined.  From their lookbook:

Maison Close shows pride in its commitment to a peculiarly French style of love games in which gallantry and naughty pleasures form a perfect blend. The brand plays with the notions of control and submission, secrecy and revelation, retention and ecstasy, with each successive collection avoiding the pitfall of vulgarity and showy exhibitionism.”

New collections include Villa Satine in black (second image) available now and Exquise Allure, (image top) available to purchase from January on the Maison Close website.  I very much like how the simplicity of the set in the very first image translates into such an alluring (naturally, given the name) design – having previously brought out Pavillon Bellevue in ivory, I was pleased to see the label include these styles in particular in the new collection.  A bodysuit and long sleeved dress complete the series.

Above: Feerie Precieuse.  Below, the bodysuit from the forthcoming Nuit Blanche – sheer and studded: Brighten up his nights with the radiance of your underwear Maison Close inform us.*

I own several Maison Close designs and some of their accessories too, which I feel make perfect gifts – they are presented in elegant purple boxes almost the colour of Milk Tray**.  Affordable and attractive, how can you resist?

You can purchase Maison Close direct from their website. Also from Faire Frou Frou, Shop Des Createurs, Coco De Mer and Journelle.

*Oo la laaaa indeed.

**This comment may only be relevant for my UK readers. You’ll just have the Google the Milk Tray man, Blog Reader.  Or think James Bond, bringing you chocolate. Yes, one can dream…

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6 Responses to Friday Lingerie Lust: Maison Close

  1. Dr Maria Daves says:

    Love these, very sexy..!

  2. sab says:

    sexy indeed! I got mines from free shipping!

  3. Cee says:

    You already had me sold on this line simply because of the photos that were shot in a library – I’ve always been a book lover, what can I say? But then you made mention that they come packaged in what looks like a Milk Tray box! I’ve more than once sat alone with both a good book and a Milk Tray and, exquisite designs aside, it seems that Maison Close truly has women like me in mind 😉

  4. Tamar says:

    I love the simplicity of these pieces – they’re like a second skin.

  5. maison close says:

    I’m loving Maison Close, so sexy and chic!!
    I’ve found another online store that does also sell them

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