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I have to credit this blog for two key things.  First of all this blog is a wonderful hobby, a base from which I can research and live my passion for fashion and style.  I remain a Psychologist and doctor first and foremost (a side of me you don’t often see here because the blog’s purpose was to give me an interest away from this other great love of mine).  The second is friendships.  As StyleOnTheCouch has grown I’ve been fortunate to make new friends not just in England and the US but across the world.  Amazing.

In this feature I’m joined by my blogger friend the lovely Christina of Profresh Style.  Christina’s blog is full of personality and colour.  She’s one of my favourite examples of a writer who puts her heart and soul into her blog – check out her recent post on her changing attitudes to fashion blogging here.  We worked independently at styling graphic tees for this and came out interestingly coordinated as a result! I wish I could claim credit for my own styling however my tee is borrowed from our photographer the lovely Lydia Hudgens.

Whilst I’ve often thought my blog could easily be named ‘Sarah’s Dresses’* I realize that I feel just as at home in my staple of skinny jeans and a tee.  As my wardrobe moves further towards being entirely that of black, white and denim, these photos are a nice reminder to me to explore my casual side more, here.

Image immediately above: Profresh Style putting me to shame in the smile stakes.  Image top: Oh yeah Christina I have your moves down girlfriend.

I’m heading back to NYC tomorrow for a visit, Blog Reader.  You can follow my antics on Twitter (@StyleOnTheCouch) and Instagram (same name) but you can also check back for my September fashion week series which will continue whilst I’m in Manhattan.

Thank you to Christina for joining me in this post, to Lydia Hudgens for the photos and as always, thank you, Blog Reader, for stopping by.

Wearing: Jeans, a sample from Artistic Denim Mills; heels, Mango. Tee. Lydia Hudgens.

*Okay okay you know I missed out the vast lingerie section there.  ‘Sarah’s Smalls’ then.

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41 Responses to Graphic Tees, Fashion Blogging, Passions & Friendships

  1. stylemefab says:

    Looking lovely ladies. Love the Tees!!

  2. Heather says:

    Always love reading your posts! 😉
    Let me know when you are in NYC! Would be great to meet for espresso or tea. xx

    • Hi Heather! I apologise for the late reply I got behind on my reading and commenting whilst I was traveling. I just got back from NYC but I am sure I will be there in the near future. How do you like living in the city?

  3. jlofashionblog says:

    Love both outfits 🙂

    Visit my blog for great read, images, competitions and offers…

    Lois xxx

  4. That’s what I noticed as well, Sarah! Christina and you both have very distinct individual styles and yet you both look a bit coordinated – and I think that is because the friendship that is shining through.

    This is such a pleasant post, I truly believe in blogger friendship and sincerity despite the an increasing trend of “blogger envy”.

    It feels sooo good to be proven right about blogger love – thank you girls, you are setting a great example!

  5. I love this post! I got to meet Christina (finally!) in NYC during fashion week and she was so fun, real, sweet & entertaining – love her blog and how honest she is! This is a great idea for a styling shoot 🙂

  6. Pingback: MOOD: LET ME LOUNGE ON YOUR STYLE COUCH | Profresh Style

  7. Josephina says:

    Love the casual look on you! Should feature it more often. You both look great in this post!

  8. As I said on Christina’s post, I love her and I love you! You both have such distinct and sweet personalities. And you know how much I adore the way you work naughty and nice in your outfits! Oh, uh, do I owe you a ring or something, my pet?!

    • Lol I believe you do owe me a ring. V I would love to feature you on my blog in one of the style inspiration posts. I’ve always loved your style and your worker V series especially because it’s inspired me. I’ll drop you an email. Hope you’re well x

  9. nchanel says:

    Love everything about this! Didn’t know you were a doctor! Beauty and Brains. That’s awesome.

    • Yes I am indeed! Psychologist and fashion blogger. Seems an unlikely combination but I am passionate about both things – I also like that they are both distinct. Thank you for stopping by! x

  10. cinnaspring says:

    I lovee graphic tees!! 😀 Love the way you styled yours with an off-shoulder, and topping off your casual outfit with chic heels! Christina looks amazing too, you both are very coordinated! 😀 I’m also happy to have made more friends on the blogging sphere, it’d be awesome to meet you one day!

  11. Love these pics! You ladies are both so stunning and I’m loving the sleek skinnies-and-tee combo just as much as the laid-back maxi skirt and Cali tank look!

    Alexandra xo

  12. Gorgeous pictures, you both look stunning!

  13. Maddalina says:

    hey, you have a great blog! I am a new follower of yours. I’d love you to check out my blog and tell me what you think. When you like it, I’d be glad to have you as a GFC follower, too 😀


  14. Walkinrunout says:

    Wauw you are hot in jeans – and you’re right about the blog…. i feel like i’ve made so many new friends eventhough i havn’t met them in real life.

  15. lovely! you two look fab!

  16. laniersmith says:

    What marvelous pictures. You both look so utterly gorgeous and full of fashionista fun!

  17. Ria says:

    Loveeeeeeeee this, you guys look gorgeous.

  18. timidoesteta says:

    AND far to be overplayed with a (bitchy kind of) hypocrisy this stylized* Friendship (naturally) exudes authenticity I can’t help BUT add Dears (“Wink from an infallible Expert ès Forecasts”) !
    * AND BOMBnextDoor-flavored !
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  19. I’ll be a blogger friend! Let me know when you’re next in the UK and we can chat lovely lingerie! x

    • Tamar I’m so happy to read this comment as I’ve been meaning to email you for a while to ask about meeting up during my next trip over. I absolutely love what you do and your site inspires me. I will drop you an email x

  20. Cee says:

    The world of blogging really does bring so many wonderful things our way, it never ceases to amaze and astound me in only the most positive ways. One of the things I find most interesting is the way that Yves Saint-Laurent’s great quote, “I learned long ago that the most interesting thing about a dress is the woman wearing it,” comes to life so vividly through blogging (and my own post on this is coming soon!) The way that you and Christina have coordinated here, but at the same time put together completely unique ensembles, is so inspiring. Hope all is well in Austin!

    • I have never heard this quote before but I feel it to be oh so true. I notice ebbs and flows in comments and links through the blog – love that I have made friends but recognize a competitive aspect to blogging too… I don’t like that at all so I enjoy when I can feature friends and acquaintances on the site and to do a joint shoot here was so much fun. Absolutely the point I began and continue to write StyleOnTheCouch.

  21. Natalie says:

    Love this!!! So many of you lovely ladies that blog as a passion are my idols and I am so glad I started my own. It’s the part of my crazy hectic life I enjoy selfishly, even if I am the only one that reads mine!

    Keep it up!

  22. MYMY says:

    Girls, you look beautiful !
    I LOVE your hair *_*

  23. dempeaux says:

    I’m constantly reminding myself to focus on casual clothes too! There’s a real art to selecting a flattering casual wardrobe 🙂

  24. aideebrooke says:


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