eBay.com Style Challenge – Fall Fashion

Being back in NYC for a visit at the end of September has focussed my thoughts on fall fashion.  Today I’m taking part in a style challenge with eBay.com to create an outfit for autumn using items on their site – a surprisingly addictive challenge if my recent browsing is anything to go by!

I’ve chosen a colour palette of black, gold and red for this outfit above.  The starting point was the fabulous Rick Owens leather jacket, a gorgeous draped style with chunky zip detailing.  I know that as the weather grows cooler and the nights begin to draw in I tend to crave a little colour to brighten and lighten – this red dress by Rebecca Taylor seemed a perfect choice for just this reason. The racer neckline, all over the catwalk for spring summer 2013, means the dress will work for me well into next season.

An oversized bag by Tory Burch (you know I need to carry my life with my in my bag, Blog Reader) and this gold Nikon watch add some smart accessorizing.  I’m finishing off the outfit with the Belle court shoes from Reiss, a style I was looking at in their Broadway store this week.  I love the multiple ankle straps which will work well with the length of the dress.

Here we are – fall ready!  I’m off for a last walk around Central Park before returning to Texas, Blog Reader.  You’ll see me posting more summer outfits next month what with the heat in Austin but here in Manhattan I met with Lydia to shoot some fabulous ‘darker’ looks for the blog later in the year.  A new direction perhaps? Watch this space….! A few previews are up on my instagram and Twitter feeds – you can find me over at @StyleOnTheCouch.

Outfit: Gold Nikon Women’s Watch; Rick Owens Motorcycle Jacket; Rebecca Taylor Dress in Red and Tory Burch Purse all from eBay.com.  Belle Black Multi Strap Court Shoes, Reiss.

This post is sponsored by eBay. From the new to the hard to find, when it’s on your mind, it’s on eBay.

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17 Responses to eBay.com Style Challenge – Fall Fashion

  1. YAY! another ebay challenge! SO fun!!! i REALLY need to work on my ebay skills! =) LOVE that jacket…and the red dress…gorgeous! GREAT finds!!!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

    • When I was a student I would scour eBay for Reiss dresses and found some bargains I still wear today. The site has a lot of potential but I was also surprised to find things like this Rick Owens jacket too!

  2. RosaLovesDC says:

    I saw some of the previews on your Instagram with Lydia and I am so excited to see what you ladies worked on. Have a fab time in Texas.

  3. Would never have thought Rick Owens stuff would have been on ebay – I stand corrected! Fab selection. Miss you xx

    South Molton St Style

  4. KShort says:

    Love the red and black with the gold accessories 🙂 perfect for fall 🙂

  5. Red and black is my fav! Great blog, from a new follower! XOJenna

  6. gosh, I NEVER shop on Ebay but my sister is addicted and maybe she is onto something! That little red Rebecca Taylor dress is to DIE for! Fun challenge…hope all is well lady…
    So you are officially NOT living in NYC anymore? I think I saw that…but wasn’t sure when you were leaving. Sad to see you go.

    • Officially not living in NYC any more yes. Been a whirlwind of travel this year – currently in Austin, Texas. But I have a feeling I will return to NYC often as I loved the place so much x

  7. Cee says:

    Ebay is, I must admit, one of my very favourite spots to browse for clothing and accessories… My tendency to invent items I want to wear without knowing if they exist tends to lead only to frustration in stores. But in the world of online auction sites, anything is possible. I have so many Ebay gems hanging in my closet, and it looks as though you’ve found a few yourself! Although I do wonder how your shoulder survives carrying around bags of that size 😉

    • When I was studying for my doctorate and was quite ‘poor’ (in terms of cash to splash on clothing that is) I would browse eBay a lot too to find Reiss and French Connection dresses I could afford. I still have them today and wear them often, I agree that eBay is a great resource. Looking forward to stopping my your blog today Cee, I am catching up on my reading after my trip to NYC last week x

  8. Natalie says:

    I have always considered Ebay (& Etsy) for decorating the house but never for clothes! I am going to have to add Ebay to my list of online shopping. Thank you for sharing!!!


  9. aideebrooke says:


  10. dempeaux says:

    Oh wow, you’re on instagram?? I’m off to find you!!

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