Black, White & Denim: Blazer, Shirt & Jeans

On my travels around Texas this weekend I opted for one of my favourite classic looks – a black blazer paired with a silk shirt (from Reiss, old season) and my Levi’s jeans.  I’ve been on a real mission lately to streamline my wardrobe and pull together those ‘classic’ pieces that I wear again and again.  What I have ended up with is two-thirds of a closet that is made up of black, white and denim, hence taking the advice of Jo Davies, the founder and owner of one of my favourite English boutiques of the same name:  “Get the three essential building blocks of black, white and denim right and everything else will fall into place.” (Jo Davies, Black White Denim.)

Quality is paramount in building a wardrobe of classic pieces and there are a handful of brands I feel are excellent for these essentials.  Reiss (of course!) and Helmut Lang for jackets, shirts and tees.  J brand and Levi’s for denim:

Look one (image above, left) Reiss Astra Volume Sleeve Shirt; Helmut Lang Sugar Cropped Jacket and J brand Jeans.
Look two (image above, right) Reiss Ella Jacket; Helmut Lang Threadbare Cowl Back Tee and Levi’s Low Rise Demi Curve Skinny Jeans.

An effortless way of looking good, pieces like these are a great way to begin structuring your wardrobe.  I’m focussing on more of my black, white and denim classics over the next few months Blog Reader, so I’d love to hear your thoughts below on the wardrobe staples you can’t live without, too.

Wearing: Blazer, River Island. Jeans: Levi’s.  Shirt, Reiss. Sandals, ALDO.
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25 Responses to Black, White & Denim: Blazer, Shirt & Jeans

  1. diditevercrossyourmind says:

    Thats actually a very fresh look 🙂 its very cute!

  2. fashionforlunch says:

    There’s a brilliant shop called and it’s amazing!
    You will like it!

  3. Cee says:

    I think we might be in a very similar head space right now, Sarah. Since I’ve come to Europe I have, not surprisingly, a seriously decreased amount of closet space… and when shopping, find myself far more attracted to the neutrals and denims that I have always loved and wear repeatedly, rather than trendier pieces that my fashion blogger self might have been falling all over even last fall. Reading Jo Davies quote really just reinforced for me that what I’ve been doing makes sense, particularly for someone who moves so often. Seeing the lovely, classic look you put together utilising your blacks and denim didn’t hurt, either 😉

  4. Cee says:

    Oh gosh, I keep meaning you write this… You asked about my hair products and the truth is, I don’t use any! I use Klorane mango shampoo, Klorane mink oil conditioner and then put my hair in sponge rollers, either overnight or after a re-dampening of my hair in the morning. Many years ago, before continuous hair abuse via flat irons and bleach, my hair was naturally curly, and though it isn’t anymore, it still holds a curl easily. Probably not very helpful, I know…!

  5. Love this outfit – it’s so simple, but you’re right…when you have well made pieces that fit you well and are classics, you can pair them in an easy way and look chic no matter what. I’ve been trying to streamline my wardrobe lately as well! 🙂

  6. rosalovesdc says:

    Such an effortless look indeed. I love how comfortable you look wearing this outfit.

  7. I personally cannot live without my black motorcycle jacket. It’s one of my favorite pieces of all time.

  8. Lindsay says:

    I totally agree with you and Cee – having a stock of quality basics and a few statement pieces is the way to 1. save closet space and 2. save money in the long run. I’ve tried it both ways: spending on trendy pieces while saving on basics and vice versa. Since I wear my basics all the time, it just makes more sense to invest in quality, classic pieces (sometimes with a twist) … they never go out of style.

  9. laniersmith says:

    Every once in a while one must just let is all hang out. And why not do it with style like you have here. I love the relaxed elegance and attention to detail (the turned up cuffs) . Just a down right lovely look on you.

  10. Really love the look here! Hope you are doing well, it’s been awhile since I visited your blog–how was your time in London?? i missing somethings about London right about now but am happy to be in NYC.


    PS as always love your Lingerie Fridays!

    The Accessory Editor

  11. that’s a new version of you, which I very much like =)

  12. ylenia says:

    you look pretty with this so simple yet stylish outfit, brava!!

  13. styleat30 says:

    black, white and denim 🙂 so classic, timeless, casual elegance at it’s best.. and you are definitely looking that part! you are beautiful!

    ♥, Jo
    {Style + Travel}

  14. Dempeaux says:

    Blazer and jeans is one of my fav looks. Always in fashion and so easy to wear!

  15. cinnaspring says:

    Looking lovely Sarah! It’s definitely a different look than what I’ve seen lately, and you’re right a blazer always fits any occasion! 😀

  16. Love this post! I’m all for timeless pieces and believe in investing in these. Just add accessories and voila you’re ready to go 🙂
    Adela x

  17. thekafeno1 says:

    Love blazers forever!!!

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