Friday Lingerie Lust: Naked Princess ‘A Thousand Kisses Deep’

Back in June I featured the first collection from lingerie and boudoir brand Naked Princess.  Named ‘Lovely Ever After‘; a gorgeous collection of lace, cashmere and modal fabrics in styles designed to complement the female figure beautifully was one of my most popular Friday features.

This week I’m presenting the second collection from Naked Princess, entitled A Thousand Kisses Deep‘.  Inspired by founder Jordana Woodland’s love of exquisite lace and couture lingerie these pieces have a special occasion feel, with some easily falling under that favourite category of mine, out-to-wear – like this boudoir garter camisole (above and below):

In this post I’m just focussing on the lingerie within the autumn winter 2012 collection.  I’m so much in love with the new additions to the lip and body care line they deserve a feature of their own another time – like this body and boudoir candle.

When the wax melts to a touchable temperature it is transformed into a massage oil.  Below: My Naked Princess collection. Je suis fan? Moi?

The philosophy of Naked Princess is close to my own heart.  A luxe and comfortable collection aimed at inspiring women to “live beautifully, love deeply and reign joyfully” I think these pieces make a wonderful gift or investment in yourself.  Below, the Chantilly Lace Robe with plunge neckline: 

I was lucky to meet with co-founder Rebecca Frank before I left NYC to preview the spring summer collection for 2013, named ‘Butterflies Begin’.  Heavy on lace and introducing some soft colours (lavender, rose and peach) it’s another exciting collection for its inner wear / outerwear potential.  And gorgeously luxurious. All of it.

You can shop all Naked Princess products on their website.  To explore the lip and body collections further click here.  For lingerie, here.
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8 Responses to Friday Lingerie Lust: Naked Princess ‘A Thousand Kisses Deep’

  1. Lol that is quite a collection, do you have shares in the company?! I love the lace used for the lingerie, so delicate.

  2. Cee says:

    Wow. I have nothing more eloquent to say than that after my first glace through this post – the collection is absolutely stunning! Of course I have a slight bias towards everything lacey, but still… I have to say, I think this line is one of my favourite features to date!

  3. aideebrooke says:

    Wow, you look very beautiful in lace!

  4. aideebrooke says:

    I looked at the website, and everything is so expensive but beautiful! I really adore lace, I think it’s really pretty, especially when you’re modeling it… Under robes for fashion shots, beautiful! Like I said you will always look beautiful! Again, LOVE THE LACE!!!!

  5. dempeaux says:

    This is gorgeous. I love that the pieces have been made with great attention to detail and quality, but they look so comfortable!

  6. cinnaspring says:

    I have to say lingerie can be reallly hard to please but these pieces look exceptionally divine and looks amazing on the body, anyone could wear them! Lucky you that you got to see the S/S 2013 collection!

  7. pandorameka says:

    I love the lace used for the lingerie, so delicate.

  8. rgstexbd says:

    A Thousand Kisses Deep’ for this model

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