Just Rompin’ Around: Zinke Intimates (Brooks Romper)

Not that you would know it, Blog Reader, but I actually have a tan in this outfit post.  Yes indeed (shock, horror) – whilst to the rest of Austin I may appear ‘English rose’* (the freckles are just about to peep through) I’m actually mildly bronzed after a few weeks in the Texan sun. Hurrah!

This outfit post shows another of my typical weekend-in-Austin styles.  I’m still finding it hard to keep cool when needing to go out and about but this Brooks Romper from Zinke intimates is great.  I wear it a lot with my high-waisted shorts from Topshop and it’s perfect for layering – I throw a cardigan or sweater over it in the evenings (if at all, it was 88 degrees again here today!)

It is available in four colours (navy, henna {mine}, black and blush) has adjustable straps and a pretty criss cross back.  Made of crepe de chine – a lightweight fabric which gives it quite an opulent look with its glossy yet subtle texture – it has a lovely luxe feel against the skin.

My friend Lindsay of the blog That Je Ne Sais Quoi (you may have seen her guest posting here on StyleOnTheCouch about lingerie) attended the Zinke sample sale in NYC last week and picked up a few gorgeous pieces for me to style:

From left to right: the XOXO Romper, cropped top and Drew Cami in black. I’m thinking of putting together a little outfit for Austin City Limits tomorrow from this set here.  A little silk, a little denim – I’ll be good to go.  Thanks Lindsay!

Have a great weekend Blog Reader! And if you’re in town for Austin City Limits, enjoy!

Wearing: Brooks Romper from Zinke; Sunglasses, GUESS.  Shorts, Topshop.

*Quite possibly another word for ‘translucent’ hmph

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19 Responses to Just Rompin’ Around: Zinke Intimates (Brooks Romper)

  1. Icklebabe says:

    Love this look, in fact your laidback Austin wardrobe is my favourite. And I can see the tan!
    Takes another pasty English chick to pick up on the tiny complexities and beauty of the “English rose blush ” and u blush up delightfully ! Xxx

  2. This color looks so lovely on you and the high-waisted shorts are endlessly flattering to your lean figure!

  3. Chris says:

    Those shorts are perfect. The cut. The fit. The color. The contrast against the white peach porcelain* legs. All of it. The (melting margarita on the rocks?) also looks enticing on a warm afternoon.

    *my replacement for your *

  4. aimee lynn says:

    i love the 70’s vibe. this outfit is super cute!


  5. Looks awesome!


  6. Kimberlee says:

    What a pretty top – sounds comfy to wear especially in the hot sun! Can’t believe the weather is still so warm there, it’s getting quite chilly here in NYC.

  7. aideebrooke says:

    Love it!

  8. Dempeaux says:

    Gorgeous!! You’re giving me some great ideas for spring/ summer styling 🙂

  9. cinnaspring says:

    Yay for the tan!! Though…being an English Rose is always what I’d like to be – I’m too tanned, we should switch shades! 😉 I’ve always wanted to find a pair of really high waisted shorts but because I’m quite short, guess where they always end up at? 😦

  10. Lindsay says:

    You’re so welcome, Sarah! I love the pieces you chose and can’t wait to see how you style them :). Is it still warm enough to wear the romper + shorts combo in Austin? xx

  11. Cee says:

    I’m just blown away by the fact that you’re still wearing a romper in October! I’m writing from Portugal and even here I’m wearing a sweater. It’s no wonder you have a tan 😉 I must say, I’m very envious of all your shorts wearing… and those phenomenal long legs you get to show off while wearing them!

  12. Hello Sarah! I cannot believe that you are still wearing shorts when I’ve just finished my wardrobe’s change of season (this sentence should be read with a touch of envy…)! I’m glad to see that we are both fan of high-waist cuts and I saw previous posts in which you were wearing high-waisted skinny jeans beautifully!

  13. This is a powerful throwback to the 70s, I find. I don’t think anyone can do it better that you can, Sarah!
    And then I spotted the Nachos and that made me crave them sooo badly – I currently am wearing braces so crispy stuff is out of the question 😀

    Anyway, back to the post, the outfit is so deliciously relaxed and you look fabulous, as ever 🙂

  14. slender gold says:

    Beautiful colors. Fabulous styling. The photography composition is wonderful too. I love the outfit and its making me wish it were summer again. Also I really like your hair in these shots. Thanks for the fabulous blog entry!

  15. I really enjoyed this blog, light and sweet. I would love it if you would be part of our blog community called Style Conditions. Snap a pic, name your style, and share =) Have a good day =)

  16. latendenza says:

    Reblogged this on la tendenza's.

  17. notquitefashionsavvy says:

    I love the romper, it’s gorgeous! the neckline, the buttons, the colour, might just buy it. It goes really well with the shorts, you look really lovely!

  18. I’m so jealous! Top Shop doesn’t have those shorts anymore! I have been looking for some JUST LIKE THAT! *ugh*

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