Friday Lingerie Lust: Women Are Weapons*TM ~ Dress Yourself As Such. FYI by Dani Read

Luxury lingerie, loungewear and boudoir accessories brand FYI by Dani Read brings us an utterly thrilling new collection for spring summer 2013 entitled ‘The Replicant’.  Drawing inspiration from science fiction, Read’s replicant – indistinguishable from a human being (think Battlestar Galactica’s Number Six meets Trinity from The Matrix) and isolated by technology – rebels against her social confinement by embracing her powers of seduction.

It’s an exciting concept for Read’s new line, with the colours and fabrications also channelling the themes of the very technology that binds the replicant.  Erotically charged, sinister but functional designs in leathers, silks and micro knits with alluring hardware embodies the femme fatale archetype – as each of Read’s collections indeed do. View autumn winter 2012: ‘The Commander’, here.

“The FYI woman is alluring, powerful, and dangerous. Our message is clear:

Women are weapons.™ Dress yourself as such.”

Above, spiked shoulder harness.  Below: binding brief (view a similar style from autumn winter 2012 here).

Both intimate wear and outerwear (expect to see some of Read’s key pieces on the blog shortly!) you can view and shop FYI by Dani Read here.  Spring summer 2013 will be available to purchase online soon.  A full list of stockists (including Patricia Field and Coco der Mer) is also available on the website.

Photos: FYI by Dani Read.  All products Dani Read, with the exception of the latex thigh highs – Atsuko Kudo Latex.

Thank you to the Lingerie Lesbian for this find!

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7 Responses to Friday Lingerie Lust: Women Are Weapons*TM ~ Dress Yourself As Such. FYI by Dani Read

  1. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, Check out my last post xx

  2. livhealthy says:

    Cool looks … But she’s so painfully thin. She could just be that way naturally, and she is beautiful … But it makes me wonder how healthy she is.

    • Hi LivHeathy, I agree with what you are saying about not knowing if someone is healthy from just size or shape alone (ok, within reason) and culturally we are miles away from accepting health at every size, sadly. I’ve responded to some comments before on the blog about the nature of fashion and model sizing, I tend to refer people to All Walks Beyond The Catwalk which I think is a great movement in support of diversity. Thank you for your comment – always welcome this sort of discussion!

  3. Cee says:

    This is a very different collection from the usual features of in Lingerie Lust, and it is fascinating, but I have to agree with livhealthy… The model does seem extremely slender and while that may be her natural body, I did find myself slightly distracted from the garments themselves as I inadvertantly counted her ribs. I do love the hints of blue, though 🙂

    • Hi Cee – I just replied to LivHealthy (above) which you might like to read sometime. Thank you for your comment (and I always welcome honest discussion on the blog too). For the collection theme ‘the replicant’ I feel I can understand the choice of this model – I think her overall look straddles Trinity from the Matrix and Number 3 from Battlestar Galactica. As for the size issue, yes looking at a shape alone you cannot tell if someone is healthy or not (within reason) but there is a great movement All Walks Beyond The Catwalk that supports further diversity in modeling I am a huge fan of. x

  4. This collection is fierce, I love it! Good tip-off

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