In Training: Ash Footwear – Andy Wedge Trainer Hi-Top

At one stage in my life I lived in trainers*.  What with Psychology study, placements in different hospitals and centres around London and part time work I was always rushing here there and everywhere and trainers got the comfortable vote.

Sneakers with wedges (hidden in the sole, to extend the leg as if wearing high heels) have been around for a while now and recently I had the opportunity to try out a new style from ASH Footwear – the Andy wedge hi-top trainer in black, stone and cobalt.

I am completely and utterly besotted with this new style.  First of all, they are super comfortable.  Secondly, they are very flattering – with regular trainers you lose those glorious leg extending inches you get with a high heel; here you have comfort and style all in one.

Another thing I love about the sneakers is that they give me the opportunity to be more casual with my clothing.  Perfect for this time of year, when warmth can often trump ‘fashion’, (an ongoing battle I have come the colder weather).  Not so anymore…!  The trainers are a great partner for slim fit jeans – here I’m wearing them with my favourite skinnies, Zara coat and my new boyfriend tee from Zoe Karssen.

Other ways I can’t wait to style these trainers are with leather-look trousers, a plain white tee and my Helmut Lang jacket and also with more denim and a classic black blazer.

These are now my go to run-about-town shoes.  Any wedge sneakers in your closet, Blog Reader? How do you style them?

You can view the entire ASH wedge trainer collection here as well as buy online.

*much to the amusement of my fellow psychology trainees who read this blog. Yes, this one is for you, guys.

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18 Responses to In Training: Ash Footwear – Andy Wedge Trainer Hi-Top

  1. Winn says:

    Had no idea these existed. Thanks for the blog post on them. They look FAB on you! I will have to go and check them out as I currently do not have any wedge sneakers!

  2. Totally love this look, Sarah. Even when dressing warm and cozy, you are always super stylish.


  3. Kimberlee says:

    Never imagined you as a sneaker girl… love it! I love this trend as well although I haven’t been able to find an affordable option :/

  4. Cee says:

    I have mixed feelings about wedge sneakers… on the one hand, I see stylish women like you wear them beautifully with t-shirts I covet and gorgeous winter coats, and on the other hand I see them being overworn and under styled all over Europe, and I’m very hesitant to become part of that mob. But I do love them on you!

  5. I’ve been torn on these! I can’t decide whether they are a good idea or they just won’t go with my style (which can be rather girly). They look great on you though! Definitely swaying me in their direction.

  6. Okay, these very much flaunt a modern twist to an 80s classic. LOVE. They look magnificent on you with jeans and the savasana sweater. So pretty!

  7. lacee says:

    love this look! definitely very flattering ❤

  8. Great style!! Nice! check out my fashion blog at

  9. ehug11 says:

    Iv been quite unsure if they were right for me but I really like the colours of these and you have really shown that they can be worn casual
    I would be grateful if you would have a quick look around my blog ?

  10. ehug11 says:

    Love the vibrant colours work well together ! You have also shown that they can be a very casual shoe

  11. I am in awe with the grey coat! Looks sporty on here but with a different outfit and circumstance could potentially look lady-like 😉

  12. Style Krunch says:

    Hi, love the sneakers. I have a pair on my own from Lemare. You can see them here
    I agree that this kind of sneakers make it so much easier to dress casual. Ina way they are so chunky and wired (in the positive way) that they fit to so many thinks 🙂

    Paulina from Style Krunch

  13. I absolutely love the wedge trainer trend, and the Ash Andy style is my latest fave too! The black & prune are gorgeous aswell. you’re a lucky lady to have those on your feet 😉 Love your styling!

  14. Sarah, you look great in this casual outfit! I have already told you (via Instagram) how much I like the coat and the overall ensemble works perfectly together! Thanks for the review of these cool wedge sneakers: since the Isabel Marant hit, this model has conquered the market, but I have to say that when it comes to sneakers, I prefer more traditional versions sans-wedge and at present my favourite label is the French Veja (

  15. jaspersands says:

    Obsessed with wedge sneekers, where can we get a pair of these from? thanks for the blog post, x

  16. CinZilicious says:

    I’ve heard about these wedge trainers for a while and i, who live in heels, really think i should invest in these babies too!!! I love trainers too but yes, i hate how they dont glorify your legs and make you look short, lol.

    Its hard to imagine you in trainers during your Psychology studying years running around in hospitals because you look so glam now!!! hehehe….i guesss we all have a starting point eh? And it’s really sweet how you addressed your psychology trainees for this post!!

    And i really love your Andy wedge hi-top trainer and of course, cobalt is one of my fave colors!!!! Good taste;) I like the outfits that you got in mind to dress up with them too, especially the
    leather-look trousers, the plain white tee and your Helmut Lang jacket!!! So stylish!

    Hope you’re keeping warm!!!

    p.s. it’s nice to catch up with your blogs, so many great style posts=D

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