Classic Clothing Series: The Little White Dress – Topshop

Winter white (off white, cream) is one of my favourite colour choices at this time of year. A bit of a fashion taboo (white? in the dark, dreary, wet, cold and sludgy winter I hear you say?) but whites are guaranteed to see you stand out in a sea of brown, black and grey.

Photos: The super talented William Williams.

When I returned to London last month I made a bee-line for Topshop to stock up on some staples whilst part of my wardrobe was shipped back to the UK. This open back dress in one of my favourite ‘flippy’ fit and flare styles screamed ‘buy me’ because of its potential for styling different ways.  I’ve worn it with my Helmut Lang leather jacket, Wolford tights and knee-high boots; wrapped up underneath a chunky knit and with a colourful blazer*.

White isn’t an absence of colour – rather it is a shining and affirmative one.  I think every wardrobe should include a little white dress like this one.

White is also about wholeness and completion; equality, balance, independence and new beginnings. Quite fitting for me right now I feel as I return to the UK.  I hope all my American friends had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday! It was my birthday this week, I had an amazing time – I’m still celebrating….

Wearing: Open Back Flippy Tunic Dress from Topshop.

*Not green or red, it’s not time for the elves quite yet, Blog Reader.

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33 Responses to Classic Clothing Series: The Little White Dress – Topshop

  1. timidoesteta says:

    And I (deeply) understand this creamy option, uncluttered § refined way to punctuate § underline your delicate prestance § your upper scrumptious charm I (shyly) must add (“Wink from a kind aesthete”) !
    a presto, Antoine

  2. Bethany Hall says:

    How are you??

    Sent from my phoney phone

  3. gullhasnat says:

    Oh! WOW! That dress is beautiful, and sister, so are you! Also, credit to the photographer for such amazing work!
    Having said that, I have to say that I keep telling people that an LWD is as important as an LBD!
    So glad that I came across someone who thinks so too!
    I am gonna Reblog this, or put a link to you, right away!

  4. The photos are gorgeous..! Happy Birthday and welcome back to the UK! 🙂

    • Hi Michelle and thank you – I owe you an email, thank you for keeping in touch. Maybe we could meet for a drink whilst I’m in London to catch up instead of emailing? Would love to hear more about your brand x

  5. gullhasnat says:

    Reblogged this on gullhasnat's Blog and commented:
    This lady is as beautiful as her style is awesome. This post of hers, so in sync with my thinking, is truly inspiring! Please, do take a look!

  6. Your pictures lately lady, are to die for. I can’t even deal. :0

  7. Aggie says:

    Love the simplicity of white dresses. And love the photos!

  8. Krista Peck says:

    So pretty. Love you in white!

  9. seamplicityy says:

    love this all white dress, pretty and elegant.

  10. pretty! lovely blog! please check out my blog too!
    follow for follow.

  11. How is it you manage to make even indoor outfit pictures look so flawless? This is stunning on you – love the simplicity and texture…classic & sophisticated!

  12. Ciara says:

    Gorgeous! I totally agree – I love white/ivory in winter!

  13. Cee says:

    I’ve loved the Classic Series so far, Sarah – so much so that I’m actually tempted to do one of my own! As fashion bloggers, I think it’s much easier for us to get caught up in what’s new and exciting in the world of fashion and forget about the wonderful essentials that will get us through a number of real life occasions, not just look lovely in photos for a post 🙂 This little Topshop number is a beauty.

  14. mojetrendy says:

    Reblogged this on mojetrendy and commented:
    Bardzo ładna z niej dziewczyna.

  15. Pingback: Ciekawa dziewczyna. | mojetrendy

  16. Light Friday says:

    you look great as always 🙂 Who’s taking your photos? 🙂 that person does a great job as well 🙂

  17. Ira says:

    You look stunning! So gentle and nice:)

  18. Great post! I absolutely love your hair in these shots!

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