Styling The Suave Tube from Cosabella

Cosabella Tube Cosabella Lingerie Styling StyleOnTheCouchLingerie, loungewear and swimwear brand Cosabella launched their Suave Tube this fall – a cashmere blend item of clothing (like a scarf, with two arm holes in the sides) that can be worn several ways:

Cosabella Tube styling different ways cosabella lingerie styleonthecouch collage

During my last weeks in the US, over in Texas, I used my tube a fair amount as a cover up over a bodysuit or swimming costume and as a scarf around my neck (photos, top of post – a very casual me for a change!)

The dress option (images directly above) is very neat for a summer holiday day-to-night styling although it is a little sheer so you need to get the right foundations in place first.  Cosabella recommend wearing it with their long camisole or slip chemise. Available in five different colours: black, Miami pink, green, coffee and ocra, this is a nice little stocking filler for Christmas!

Tube package 2 5'' x 7'' BLACK TUBE ONLY - Revised Logo EnlargedYou can buy the suave tube directly from Cosabella: alternatively you can find it at both Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

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10 Responses to Styling The Suave Tube from Cosabella

  1. Krista Peck says:

    Oo love the versatility. Reminds me a bit of the DKNY Cozy!

  2. Krista Peck says:

    Oh, love the versatility! Reminds me a bit of the DKNY Cozy.

  3. Cee says:

    I must admit, I’ve intrigued by the Suave Tube… although in all honesty, I imagine it would be a bit much for me. As embarrassing as this is to say, the thing I could really never get a handle on when I danced was fastening my wrap sweaters 😛 It looks lovely on you, though, and I love the idea of all the different options!

  4. Some amazing ideas here – I love a versatile piece like this that can do so many things and I find they are really great for traveling! 🙂

  5. wauw – its fantastic…
    I really love it – when over the head 🙂

  6. Ritournelle says:

    You know I love clothes that can be worn in lots of different styles, which is one of the reasons I love DKNY so much.

  7. Sarah – LOVE this. It reminds me of the Lana Wrap post I had on my blog. I love adding personal touches. My fave look is number 2, it’s so feminine and let’s your hair SHINE 🙂

  8. CinZilicious says:

    what can i say?! How versatile indeed!!!! I love the first and third look on you the best=D

    Have a great weekend Sarah!!


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